‚ÄčTherapeutic Massage

I have been practicing therapeutic massage for twenty years, both as a Physical Therapist and as a Massage Therapist/bodyworker. 

A therapeutic massage may address your entire body or focus on specific areas, depending on what you would like to accomplish during your session. Generally a therapeutic massage session will last 60 minutes.  Depending on your specific needs, however, a session can be as short as 30 minutes (often better for older individuals or individuals with a lower tolerance level or for an emergency session that is then followed up with a longer session) or as long as 90 minutes or more.

Therapeutic massage does not require the degree of active movement experienced with structural integration work.  Techniques used, such as, fascial release, deep tissue, accupressure, cranio-sacral, stretching/range of motion, etc. are dependent on your needs and preferences.  My treatment approach is "no pain all gain!" Your discomfort level during the session should not be more than a 2-3/10, which requires the session to be based on a mutual relationship of clear communication and feedback so I can adjust my approach appropriately!  Your body can then trust both of us and benefit better from the therapeutic massage work.