​Structural Integration

Structural integration bodywork, also known as "Rolfing", is designed to realign the body's fascial network in relation to gravity, so we can stand up straighter, move with greater ease, flexibility, comfort and with more energy!  

I am a structural integration practitioner.  I completed my training with Tom Myers (KMI/Anatomy Trains  https://www.anatomytrains.com), who studied under Ida Rolf, as well as, instructed at the Rolf Institute before establishing his own structural integration training program. Structural integration is achieved via a twelve (12) session process that is designed to realign your fascial network in relation to gravity. Each session, which lasts 70-90 minutes, has a specific focus and builds on the prior sessions. Unlike traditional massage, you will be an active participant in your body's structural integration process. You will be assessed in standing from multiple perspectives (i.e., front, back, sides) and while moving, walking, etc., at the start of the session, as well as, during and after the session. You will also be moving different parts of your body as the work is being done.  Your movement facilitates realignment and release of the fascial network. In addition, the movement helps you and your body become more conscious of your new "relationship" to gravity and the world around you.  It is indeed a "life changing" adventure!

If you are not ready to commit to the 12-series right away, a 3-series (3 sessions) approach allows you to experience the work.  In addition, individual sessions are an option to address a specific need, or, as a followup after completing the 12-series to continue building on the structural integration results achieved.  A consultation session is also an option to set up a treatment plan.