Therapeutic Massage

Theresa Costello

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Do you have muscle pain? low energy?  are you falling? injured? feel out of balance? poor posture? needing or had surgery?...​Ask how we can help!!

Structural Integration

Massage plays an important health role, both in preventing, as well as, helping to relieve pain, joint problems, aid in relaxation, stress relief, and more. Therapeutic massage uses a variety of techniques targeted to address each person's specific needs.   



Exercise, stretching and movement are a necessary part of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, both when we are young, and, as we age. Structural integration and therapeutic massage session results are most beneficial when supported with an appropriate exercise, stretching and movement program that meets each person's specific needs.  


Ida Rolf, when creating Rolfing/structural integration, learned from her own pain and body challenges.  She realized when one's body, consisting of a fascial network that contains our bones and muscles, is tight and out of alignment in relationship to gravity (which we forget about!), we are then challenged with pain and at greater risk for injuries, etc..