"After completing the 12 series structural integration sessions and having had individual sessions with Theresa, I have resolved old and new pain patterns and postural issues.  I am taller, feel more open to the world and more comfortable in my skin."

Nanno, 65 years old


My background as a Physical Therapist, Massage/Bodywork Therapist and Certified Structural Integration practitioner offers over 20 years of diverse expertise.  My journey has been motivated by my own personal need for an improved, pain-free active, healthy lifestyle, as well as, a desire to help others achieve it.  The structural integration individual and 12 series sessions are life changing events!  I enjoy watching how clients become more flexible, active, taller and make changes in their lives that they might not have otherwise, as a result of the bodywork.  I have experienced it myself over the years receiving both individual sessions, as well as, completing the structural integration 12 series.  My professional philosophy is to have fun doing the bodywork while making it comfortable for you.  In addition, I support you in being the driving force in the process. And, I do my best to give you the knowledge and "tools" to make positive and sustainable changes in your life!  I look forward to working with you!

Theresa Costello

"Theresa is an excellent bodyworker/massage therapist.  The structural integration 12 series experience was and is still life changing."
Nick, 27 years old

"I have had structural integration sessions from a number of practitioners, but no one has been able to help me the way Theresa has."

​Mary Lewis, 86 years old